Friday, 30 September 2011

me again !

I’m back !!
After long time no c ! :)
Now dah habis exam.. just nak tunggu result.. and I deserved what I’ve fighting for..
dah lama x update blog.. classmate pon Tanya kenapa dah lama x update blog..
bila dah musim final, faham2 jela..
bz dengan class, assignment, macam2 nak kena fikir..
x de mase nak writing, nak story everything kat sini.. huhu
now I akan pastikan I update my diary here, again !
lot of things happen these those days !
and I still remember those stupid things that happen in my life..
sucks !! @_@
now try lupakan semuanya.. berhibur dengan Kpop music, RnB.. try to forget everything and everyone that walks in and out in my life..
whether life is fun or not, I have to faced it.. the truth is there is someone that love me very much but I can’t realize that person yet !
pray for me God :D